Thursday, October 05, 2006

My brand new book:

Elapsing Speedway Organism, by Bruce Covey ISBN: 978-1-84728-314-6; 104 pages

Available at Lulu for $12 Available Soon at Amazon, B&N and Powell's for $15

"These poems revel in the precision of their own comic-constructed logic. It is a matter of fact that anything may turn into anything and hold, feelings encouraged to burst - 'the impossibility of tidiness.' I'm all for poetry that, like Covey's, wants to pull down the sky."— Anselm Berrigan

"I admire these multi-tasking, speed of light, postmodern poems: the 'deferential machinery' of their precise absurdities and comic veerings, and the surprises ignited in almost every line. Each text is wild yet exact. Pulse and synapse quickening, cerebral, dabbling in the erotics of geometry, but also cartoony, this is lip smacking word art for a hungry 21st century citizenry." — Amy Gerstler

"Elapsing Speedway Organism affords many pleasures. It can be goofy (rhyming “gargle” with “marbles”); and it can be keen (“If the dollars don’t add up, drop your signifying”). Covey has a talent for recontextualizing the everyday, most brilliantly in his many list-poems. Popular culture, food, travel, it’s all here. And what better way to humble Romantic sublimity than this: 'I want to wrap my claws around the uninterrupted sky / And pull it down around me in a puddle at my ankles.'"— Jennifer Moxley

"Bruce Covey's delightful and willfully eccentric writing combines the giddy weightlessness of the information age with a barrage of tactile feedback. His poems are both hi-tech and low-rent, offering '14 Kung Fu Climaxes' as well as instructions that coach us to 'Ride into the electric descent.' I guarantee you'll notice a shiny new angle, curious corner, or 'charismatic fold' every time you open this book."— Elaine Equi